The Eternal Spring of Mind

The Eternal Spring of Mind pang jiun

Eight years ago I went to Tainan painting training studio weekly. Acquainted

several enthusiastic friends of the oil paintings and came together to oil

painting in life that almost held more than one year, let me know Tainan

city and more love Tainan.

Joshua leaded advance painting training course which position to do what

responsibility for not only his zeal but sanctity Christian, both more polite and

integrity with great joy in rest time of busy work.

Joshua feels strong and energetic support for painting. Beginning manner of

painting, we felt that the article accentuated the positive aspects of the

program which emphasized in both what how to use paint brush and how to

utilize in professional color.As a result, he has skill in learning to accumulate

color points by participating in and enrich colorful at the expense of the

paintings.Let painting gradually go through mind, to describe rising of art and
life things to a higher level.

Joshua has good personality of positive thoughts, I all don’t know about his

health till know what he got serious disease on the month of this year. It

touches my mind when I listen to what he talks about his disease, meanwhile

he come over Taipei to visit me. He told me a story involving his philosophy of

life appears what there higher boundary is.That the reason why what his

paintings more stress the color and lighting is bright but all with contrast

sharply.I realize that the mean he cater the bright to reach the way of life. The

story was filled with love symbolism of about Garden Iris and praying mantis;

his souls brim over with enthusiasm so as to no sad on his way of life.

Joshua fully utilizes what his profession of chemical engineer on the paintings.

Entering semi-abstract field season, he make use of important techniques of

mixed media as to brush and color all full of traditional ink and wash drawing,

more free from on the way of painting.

His paintings relate what science knowledge how to utilize. Generally, there is

to simply use ACRYLAC color, may replace what ACRYLAC color is basic to

the ground then cover with oil color.Joshua overthrew first base which mix
ACRYLAC color with water to cover on paintings, as the result of effects
present both watercolor and ink, and give a particular quality to an event of
saturated oil paintings.

He do be a love fervently artist and life, whose mind and soul go through four

seasons endurance; he sublimated his feelings into an eternal spring.

Meanwhile, realizing what the meanings and value of life which present on his

colorful oil paintings unfold on live and vitality and relaxed painter style in


Real colorful flower in natural finally would be withering and flower

arrangement even thought artistic conception is high but still would be fading.

Artistic works is not only more eternal with bright color than flower, but both

feelings and ingenuity among the culture. Flower but both has no love but come

together, people expand feelings with flower.The Dynasty Song, Gateless

Monk, Praise Words:

Spring bloom flower autumn moon light

Summer cold windy winter snow all

Even no things can hold

There is good mood in life

Blessing for Joshua retired but work as an artist, there will be on the direction

of the Eternal Spring of Mind