The Eternal Spring of Mind pang jiun

Eight years ago I went to Tainan painting training studio weekly. Acquainted

several enthusiastic friends of the oil paintings and came together to oil

painting in life that almost held more than one year, let me know Tainan

city and more love Tainan.

Joshua leaded advance painting training course which position to do what

responsibility for not only his zeal but sanctity Christian, both more polite and

integrity with great joy in rest time of busy work.

Joshua feels strong and energetic support for painting. Beginning manner of

painting, we felt that the article accentuated the positive aspects of the

program which emphasized in both what how to use paint brush and how to

utilize in professional color.As a result, he has skill in learning to accumulate

color points by participating in and enrich colorful at the expense of the

paintings.Let painting gradually go through mind, to describe rising of art and
life things to a higher level.

我深愛著我的妻子文娟, 在人生的旅程中我們同甘同共苦,她是位有智慧賢德的女子。只要我能取悅她, 我願意為她做所有的事為她分憂解勞。

2008年我曾畫張100號油畫以表達對她的愛與殷勤, 名為”護花使者A",畫的色系為她最喜歡的藍紫色, 有羅曼蒂克之愛麗絲花。左邊有隻螳螂日夜保守護著愛麗絲,當然那隻螳螂就是我。

有位同畫油畫的好友, 到我家來一看到此畫就很喜歡, 居然表達願意以現金立即要收藏此張畫。文娟不願意割愛, 但後來我卻經不起畫友一再聳動與說情,我居然答應她。 雖然文娟不捨, 但她心想能被有專業藝術素養之畫友收藏是對先生極大的肯定與激勵,故我愛妻也答應將此畫賣出。

後來我得知自己是癌末, 文娟想到此就有很深遺憾將該畫賣掉,那時我心想再花些錢將該畫再買回來。後來2010年我再畫張同為”護花使者B”之畫作。仍為藍紫色系, 花為具厚實之木蘭花, 但多了含苞待放之小花苞。 木蘭花代表愛妻, 花苞代表我兩位女兒,當然不可缺少就是那隻螳螂的我。以下為護花使者B與建寧全家福



民國45年生,國立中央大學化工系畢業,曾任職於台塑石化公司, 於100年5月退休,目前從事藝術創作與分享基督的愛與生命。

自幼天性喜愛畫畫, 大學期間曾著有機化學相關用書,亦曾設計校園書卡而風靡一時,自嘲“化工”亦是“畫工”。


2014年 參與台灣飯伊現代藝術交流展(台灣日本)